South South South Fishing

So we went South real South if you know what I mean. We started working deep points and ledges looking for schooling bass. The fish finder was loaded with rock ledges, points, and FISH. Every other cast on the first couple of Ledges resulted in a Mexican Fishing net one after another. THOSE NETS ARE everywhere we managed to save a few crank baits but the jigs had no chance. We caught two fish between 4-5 lbs two cast in a row. I boated one and Jon boated one boom we were on them. Until we ran until another net and had to leave.  We started fishing some offshore structure we found on the Helix and managed to do catch a few fish off there with the DD22 crank bait.  We then headed to the hardwood to try to catch some confidence boosters. We flipped about 20 pieces of hardwood that ALWAYS have fish on them. Not today buddy so we ditched that plan and went back to fishing deep.  We were using Gambler Jigs , JObaby jigs and Eversoft plastics which are a little smaller and cheaper than the Ragecraw baits. Once we found the right rock and ledge and importantly right depth 17 ft today we started to fish hard but slow very very slow.  We missed bite after bite after bite. Felt like the fish were just moving the baits and wanted no part of them. We finally started setting the hook with huevos and boom landed some decent fish. We ended our day after that packed up and headed back.  The fishing in the winter can be slow and different.  Come fish out here and improve your skills .  The fishing isn't turn off its just different. Different is good and the slow slow bite but big bite is very rewarding.  No shame in throwing a square bill and catching 10o keychain bass but also very rewarding to slow fish and have a chance at a double digit fish. COME fish with us on Falcon and ditch the wife for a little she needs the vacation from you trust me.

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