140Falcon Lake the wind has been blowing feels a lot like coastal fishing Corpus Christi Bay.  The reason the wind is good is because a lot of stubborn fisherman say , " I aint going the wind this the weather this bla bla la.  When the wind is blowing throwing your favorite Crankbait to locate fish is the way to go. Thats what my partner and myself have been doing to locate these fish along with the fancy Computers they call " fish finders".    Things have been great here on Falcon guiding , fishing and eating all the mexican food in sight.  The fish seem to be holding around 17-24ft and dragging those plastics type baits/ jigs on underwater structure is still producing big bags.  Bass Champs is around the corner and we have been booking trips to help the Tournament angler do great in the tournament.  The South end is fishing really good don't give up. If you don't get bit tossing and casting for 20-30 mins its ok stay on it and work the shit out of the area.  If your interested in having a good time come book a trip and fish with us. Lets get you that FB PICTURE for your WIFE, GF, SANCHA , OR WHOEVER. That Baits we have been using to produce fish are as follows. Shoot me a text if you have any questions. (210) 710-9434.

Deep diver crank bait , Firetiger has been working really good.

Plastics : The lizard watermelon red by Zoom and Crawfish by Rage Tail Falcon Lake Craw .

Jigs I have been thawing Gambler jigs also JOBABY makes a jig the colors have been Falcon Lake Craw and Black and Blue.

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